Pictures and other visual crap

Pictures of my dancing history :)

Arg. Tango + me
Arg. Tango + me
This was the first dance in the Adanse Weight-less Challenge. Yes, they did spell the challenge title in an odd, possibly grammatically incorrect manner.

I was nervous as hell and had just found out about 5 days earlier that the latest IVF cycle was a bust. It was good to have something else to focus on.

Cha Cha + me
Cha Cha + me

This was the second dance in the Adanse Weight-less Challenge.

While practicing for this I KNEW THAT IT WAS ON!! :) I wanted to win really badly.

quickstep pose

Instructor + me - Bachango

Striking a pose! Love that haircut! 12/2008 227 lbs

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