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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nicole and Derek dance Paso Doble - DWTS season 10 Week 8(2)

I texted my instructor right after I watched this Paso Doble this week. Here is how it went.

Me: I want to do the 50s paso doble that was on DWTS :) a girl can cream

Him: Ok let's do it

Me: Yipppeeee! You must be in a great mood or feeling sorry for me. :)

{Insert nervous laugther} I have never even tried doing the basic Paso steps and now I have launched into this idea. Well, I always like a challenge, right? Right?

The hardest part is not going to be completing the routine but not comparing myself to her. I firmly believe that I have to do my personal best, whatever that may be. {insert lots of sweating!}

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Friday

Just love this performance. I wish that I could have been in NYC to see the show live last year.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Acronyms = interesting positions

So, what did I work on yesterday? Just this tongue and body twister - CBMP

Found this definition of CBMP - Contra Body Movement Position after a nice Google serach.

Contra or Contrary Body Movement Position is often used in steps that require you to be out of line with your partner. In the technique books, it is defined as: "A foot position where the foot is placed on or across the line of the supporting foot, either in front or behind, to maintain body line".

Essentially, this means that you are keeping your upper body facing one direction while your lower body faces a different one. This is generally accomplished by leaving the shoulders where they were in the previous step and allowing the legs to take a new direction.

However! You should not lose connection with your partner when in CBMP and should work even harder to keep your centres facing each other.

That translates to hard work! We worked up a great sweat getting that working smoothly but our lines look so beautiful. My instructor even stopped and showed me how good we looked in the mirror! :)

Also learned a bit about Bolero...will go into more of that next time but lets just say that it is all about give a little to get a lot.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

T for Tango, T for Tuck it in, T for tension

Yesterday was my second American Tango class. I find that I really like American Tango, free license to be aggressive and very expressive. Maintaining hold requires me to implement all the Ts - tuck, tension and tango. :) At the end of the session both my knees, arms and hips were feeling the Tango. Yeah, as in screaming for pain meds. LOL

In order to get this right I have to settle into my instructor's hold and tuck my butt in, flex my knees, put all the weight on the left leg and provide tension by pushing into his right shoulder and not have spaghetti arms....and then I start to Tango. This is just to get the basic step right! When I had the winning Ts combination going on it felt divine. When I didn't I could tell right away that something was amiss.

Next, get that head snap thing going on without dislocating my neck.

Monday, May 3, 2010


I bought these beauties a few weeks ago and Lordie, what have I been missing!! They feel like butter. My feet didn't hurt at all after four hours of dancing. Now, that is what I call a good investment.

You too can float across the floor in a pair of these!! ;)