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Monday, December 6, 2010

It is more than just technique

I have been dancing with the same instructor for two years now. We have built a great friendship and have developed a lot of trust. I strongly believe that this required in order to grow as a dancer and even more so when you have weight/image issues.

I often have to explain to him that when he is teaching a female student something and he is receiving that *blank* stare she is most likely thinking

"Wow, is that why my thighs look like?"
"He wants me to do what with what?!'
"Yeah, right I can't feel sexy while have these swinging wings under my arms"
"Don't look at yourself in the mirror! Just focus on your feet"

He finds this amazing but after meeting many of his other female students I know that I am right. Girls talk and even more so when we share the same instructor!! It takes a very long time and a lot of work to get past of alot of our self-image issues. Many times it isn't our technical ability that is holding us back but the inability to, using a WW term, reframe our thinking and allow ourselves to see us as capable of performing that step, move, styling or even style of dance.

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